DWM Cards is a reputable printing company established in 1958, renowned for its high-quality Irish-crafted Christmas, Mass, and sympathy cards. With a strong commitment to tradition and quality, DWM Cards sought to modernize its operations and expand its reach by venturing into the realm of e-commerce. Recognizing the importance of maintaining their brand identity and upholding their reputation for excellence, they partnered with our development team in 2020 to revamp their online presence.

Project Scope

The primary goal of the project was to create a user-friendly e-commerce website that would allow DWM Cards to showcase and sell their range of products online. This involved updating their outdated online platform to better serve their customers and support their business growth objectives. Key objectives included expanding their customer base, streamlining operations, and promoting Irish-made products while maintaining their commitment to quality and tradition.
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Collaborating closely with the DWM Cards team, we embarked on a comprehensive website development project aimed at modernizing their online presence. Our approach involved designing a visually appealing and intuitive interface that seamlessly reflected the DWM Cards brand identity. To facilitate online sales, we integrated a robust e-commerce platform, complete with user roles tailored for both B2B and B2C customers, featuring separate pricing structures and access levels.

Ensuring secure transactions, we incorporated international payment gateways. Additionally, we prioritized mobile responsiveness, optimizing the website for a seamless user experience across devices. To enhance the customer experience, we implemented advanced shipping methods tailored to the unique needs of both B2B and B2C customers. In the B2B segment, we introduced different roles for customers, each with varying shipping rates based on factors such as shipping zone, weight, and product type.

This customization ensures that each B2B client receives optimal shipping rates aligned with their specific requirements. In the B2C segment, we introduced an innovative feature allowing for the application of extra fees for specific products, further diversifying revenue streams and offering customers additional customization options. This feature empowers DWM Cards to strategically adjust pricing based on product attributes, market demand, or other factors, ultimately enhancing profitability and customer satisfaction.


Rigorous testing was conducted to identify and address any bugs or issues, ensuring the website functioned flawlessly before launch. This included testing for compatibility, performance, security, and usability.

Deployment and Launch

Once the website was thoroughly tested and approved by DWM Cards, we deployed it to a production environment and assisted with the launch process to ensure a smooth transition. Beyond the initial launch, we continue to provide ongoing support and maintenance, safeguarding the website’s performance and security for long-term success. Our commitment to excellence ensures that DWM Cards maintains a competitive edge in the online marketplace while delivering exceptional value to its customers.


The collaboration between DWM Cards and our development team resulted in the successful launch of a modern and user-friendly e-commerce website. The new platform enables DWM Cards to showcase their extensive range of Irish-crafted cards, allowing customers to easily personalize and order products online. DWM Cards can now reach a wider audience beyond their traditional brick-and-mortar customer base, enabling them to grow their business and increase sales. The new e-commerce platform streamlines the ordering process for both DWM Cards and their customers, improving efficiency and reducing administrative overhead.


The successful collaboration between DWM Cards and our development team demonstrates the power of leveraging technology to achieve business objectives while maintaining brand identity and values. By embracing e-commerce, DWM Cards is well-positioned to continue its legacy of providing high-quality Irish-crafted cards to customers around the world