Online Exam Software Development Companies, providing a platform where companies, institutes, and organizations can conduct the online quiz/ test/ exam. In today’s fast life it’s difficult for any organization to follow the traditional method of the exam as it is much time consuming, to overcome this difficulty Online Exam Software Company in Cochin is very much in use. There is tremendous thrust for reforms in the education sector as far as the examination process is concerned.

Our AI-based remote proctoring, secure browser ensures no cheating is happening during the online exam. Our solution has been used widely across the world by many educational institutes. Examination Management is one of the key processes of Education institutions, universities. The traditional exam process can be easily converted into an online format with the help of the Dieutek Developments platform. Online Exam Software Company in Cochin.

Our platform is used to conduct various academic level exams. Such exams save a lot of administrative costs and result declaration becomes easy. The platform supports the management of online exams for higher education, K12 (schools), certification agencies, training organizations.

1. Schools or colleges can use our software to conduct the exam for students.
2. We have the option to set multiple selection questions and answers.
3. We have the option of creating questions by Text/Image/Audio/Video.
4. We have the option of creating multiple answers by Text/Image/Audio/Video.
5. We can set the exam question with all fields like sports, politics, etc.
6. We can collect each question from the different topics in our software.
7. We can publish the winner of the exam.
8. The student can log in and verify his question and answer of the previous exam.
9. The admin/student can maintain his profile.
10. Students can see their exam histories.

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